I get asked all the time “what should I wear in class”, my answer is always the same, look after your feet and your boobies, buy decent trainers and a good sports bra, spend money on them, the rest you can buy in Primark.

When we workout, our breasts move all over the place, up, down, side to side, in and out, once those ligaments that support our breasts are gone, that’s it, they won’t come back, so you need to keep your ‘assets’ close and it doesn’t matter what size you are either, we want to keep movement to a minimum to avoid soreness after a workout, not to mention stretch marks!!

Not only that, having heavy boobs affects our posture, I’ve had huge boobs over the years, 36FF at my biggest, I know, that’s big eh!! I found myself very round-shouldered with a bad posture, having a great sports bra remedies that instantly and the ripple effect is amazing……….in walks confidence ;0)

I’ve been wearing Shock Absorber bras for years, it does exactly what it says on the tin, it holds my boobs in place with minimal movement, as one review says – “Adjustable, Attractive, Comfortable, Durable, Good Fit, Great Value, High Quality, Lightweight, Versatile” I couldn’t put it better myself.



I’ve tried more trainers than I can shake a stick at, I’ve settled on Asics Gel Nimbus, WHY?? They move with my feet, and I do a lot of moving. I’ve had terrible, consistent back aches over the years, I’ve tried everything to soothe it, hot baths, massages etc, when all along it was my old, worn out trainers because I liked the colour!!

Think about it, if your feet are happy, YOU are happy, ever kicked off your heels because you can’t stand the pain anymore?? Me too, but it’s not only our feet that are suffering, it’s your glutes and your back too. You’re not doing yourself any favours buying cheap trainers, they will NOT do, there’s no support for your feet, which are doing most of the work. Recognise the value of good quality trainers, if you’re serious about getting fit and healthy, please invest in yourself, I’ve done the research for you.