I won’t know the steps
Everyone else has been doing it longer than me
I’ll get it all wrong
I’ll look stupid
Everyone will be looking at me, they’ll know I’m new
I’ll wait for my friend to come with me

These are hurdles we put up in front of ourselves, reasons to not go, our subconscious LOVES to stay in its comfort zone and not take risks, it would much rather sit on the sofa with the remote.

I’ve lost count of the number of people who after their first class have said “I’ve been putting this off for ages, I really don’t know why, I’ve had such a brilliant time”. Again, these are hurdles and they’re all made up in our own heads, what are you expecting, Real Housewives of somewhere dressed like something out of Fame, scowling at you as you walk in?? We create a worse case scenario rather than a best case scenario, STOP IT RIGHT NOW.