Motivation is everything and staying motivated can be hard work, especially with our super busy lives these days, taking care of YOU can fall by the wayside easily. It really is quite amazing that we can be so house proud, keeping our homes in tip top condition, state of the art TV/audio system, latest this and latest that, cars, holidays, HANDBAGS!! Yet we can’t be bothered to invest in ourselves, by that I mean bodily, spending time on US and being bothered with our health.

The subconscious mind

Did you know that we only use a small percentage of our brain actively, the medical science jury is out on exactly how much so we’ll call it 10%. The other 90% is our subconscious, it’s our automatic pilot, our every day stuff like getting up, brushing teeth, doing the shopping and going to work etc. This part of our brain, the bigger part, is our enemy, it’ll tell you that you can’t do something, you won’t succeed, it’ll tell you to sit on the sofa and watch telly instead. This is the part of the brain that we need to take control of and I’m going to give you a few tips to show you how.

Let’s get started

We can be our own worst enemy, taking the easy way out, putting something off, not bothering because it takes us out of our comfort zone, and by doing this we are not realising our full potential in life. It’s a form of self sabotage because our subconscious ‘can’t be bothered’ to deal with it.

So what you’re actually saying is that you can’t be bothered with YOURSELF, have a little think about that.

A belief is just a thought you CHOOSE to think!!

Your subconscious mind CANNOT distinguish FACT from FICTION, it will believe what YOU tell it to believe. You might be having a mini revelation at this point, I’ll let you rejoice and do a little dance around the room. Think about it though, is there proof that what you believe is 100% accurate?? Or has it just been passed down form your parents or done the rounds in Chinese whispers etc.


Old beliefs/thoughts

This won’t work for me, I’m big boned
This won’t work for me, my parents were big
All my friends are big so what does it matter??
I just don’t have the will power
I don’t have time
It doesn’t fit in with my kids
My work hours are long
I’m too tired
East Enders is on


Change those negative thoughts and swap them for positive ones

New beliefs/thoughts

So what if I’m big boned, I still want to be fit and healthy
That was them, THIS is ME
I’m going to lead the way, if my fiends have ANY ambition, they’ll follow
I shall work on my mindset
I will make time for myself (my most valuable asset)
If I’m not fit and healthy for my kids, who is???????
Ask for work life balance, if your boss says no, maybe it’s time to get another job
Being fit gives me CART LOADS of energy, I’ll never be tired again.
Record it!!!

Once you start having positive thoughts, you’ll start to have positive beliefs.

We have to create our future and ACTION our thoughts and BELIEVE our beliefs, everything needs to be in line. Here’s an example, you desperately want to be a size SHAMAZING, do you BELIEVE you can be?? It’s important at this stage to set realistic goals, something your subconscious will accept as achievable, so let’s say YES we believe we can be a size shamazing, going down two dress sizes at a time is achievable.

Break it down into smaller steps, so if you’re a size 18 and want to be a size 10, please know that it’s not going to happen in a month, prepare yourself for the long haul, I’d say 9 months to a year, you are going to chip away at it week by week, not only will you see healthy results and a steady weight loss (losing weight too quickly will only go back on), you’ll also be gaining strength of mind along the way.

Have a word with yourself

This is a great exercise to start your day off and throughout the day if you need a pep talk.

Look yourself in the eye in the mirror, hand on hip if you need a good talking to, waggy finger is optional but effective, this is what you say –

Listen you, I’m in charge now and this is how we’re gonna roll from now on
We’ve got a target to achieve, I know we can do it.
So there won’t be any biscuits today and you’re only having one cup of tea.
We WILL resist chocolate at the checkout.
And we ARE going to make the right choices when we eat out.
Wine is for the weekend, not every night.

This is a two person conversation, your conscious and your subconscious, soon enough the 10% will take control of the 90%. Obviously this is just an example, put your own weaknesses and vices in there so that it applies to you.

Respect yourself

Your body is an amazing piece of kit, do you have any idea what it goes through every single day to keep up with you!! It works to precision, it’s automatic and SUPER efficient, treat it with respect like you would a valued friend, spend money on it, by that I mean, eat well, cook from fresh as much as you can, buy the best cuts of meat, stay hydrated, treat yourself to a massage every now and then to get rid of your knots, stuff like that. Bear this in mind, if you want to look good on the outside, it comes from within.

Value yourself, you only have one body, keep it happy.

Max x