Beautiful messages from my Divas

Great Set tonight Maxine.

A sweaty selfie… I love my workouts with you. I’ve not done exercise for years and I love working out with you.

You’re bloody Ace.

Lorraine x

Lorraine Goodman

Crikey, almost stopped today but then the next tune came on and I couldn’t resist! Loving the music and encouragement. Even patted myself on the head 😂🤦‍♀️ Thank you 😘😍xx

Hazel Smith

3years ago Maxicise started in Loughton, Essex and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back and always long for more!

I Started classes once a week, then twice a week, the classes & Maxine are infectious, the vibe, the banter, everyone is super friendly and the best bit is having fun and a good ole dance not realising a workout burning calories!

(We won’t talk about the sweat .. jeez!!)  all genre of music which pumps hard and loud!

Throughout Covid-19 lockdown thank god for Maxicise TV! Max has kept me sane .. mentally emotionally and physically, an escapism from the restrictions.. working out 3x a week, dancing myself happy!

I Love the house of fun!

Love Maxicise and Maxine Jones,  who herself, loves what she does and each and everyone of her “dolly rockers!” With a passion

Diana McCleave

Tue 22 Dec at 07:48
Hi Maxine
I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work during this difficult year.
You have certainly been a great help to me. With your help I have lost almost a stone in weight, fitter and become much trimmer. I look forward to your livestream every week.
Loving myself!!!
I think I don’t look half bad for someone who is going to be 64 on Friday!! (Pic underneath)
You have made me laugh and cheered me up when I have felt miserable. You’re so right, dancing is the way to happiness and inner strength.
Anyhow I hope you and CJ have a lovely Christmas, you definitely deserve it, and here’s hoping next year will be a much better one for all of us. Cheers 🥂🥂🥂🥂🥂
Love & best wishes

Liz's story from the good old days before lockdown.

Hi Maxine,

Great class on Wednesday, always enjoy even if I feel tired or had a bad day at work.

Just thought I would tell you my story. The photo attached on the left shows me in Mexico in February 2016. The one on the right was taken in the same place in November 2017.

I was 21st 1lb. I couldn’t walk and talk at the time. I started by swimming as it was all I could do. After I lost around 4st I started exercise properly with Zumba and I started your class last year. My fit bit tells me I get into peak cardio zones in your class without fail. I burn 500-600 calories. I have now lost 7st. My resting heart rate now is around 60bpm, it used to be 100-110bpm. I now do five different classes a week, based around dance aerobics and Zumba.

For me, the key to regular exercise is finding something you don’t hate. You don’t even have to love every second, but just not hate it or you will never go regularly. And regular exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for keeping me motivated and giving me a hell of a work out every week.

See you next Wednesday!

Love Liz xx

I have lost 2 stone, my work clothes are hanging off of me, all down to Maxine’s classes, thankyou xx


Maxine’s classes are amazing!!! if you want fun and high energy, get yourself down to one of her classes!! you won’t regret it! xxx


Maxine is simply the best! Fantastic, wonderful, full of energy and fun – no more needs to be said – keep up the great workouts.


Maxine’s classes are a great workout, they are tough but that’s why I enjoy it so much, I always feel totally exercised afterwards, even just doing it once a week. Her class is challenging and well balanced, the music is great too, I like the fact that she brings in new music and new moves. Keep up the good work Maxine, thank you.


Max’s classes are one of the best I’ve been to EVER and I’ve tried a lot of teachers!! I have a really tough sales job lots of stress and long hours – I have to drag myself to the classes as I am so tired but am always SO GLAD I do it – cheers me up no end and I have lost half a stone too. Thanks


I have been going to Maxine’s classes for 18 months and love them. 3 generations of my family go, so it doesnt matter how old or what size you are, you just do the best you can. Great music, great routines and great instructor. High energy class, great work out and a lot of fun. Monday class at 5.15 is perfect as straight after work, you don’t get home, get comfy and can’t be bothered to come back out. I would recommend these classes to anyone.


I love Zumba anyway but Maxine takes it to a whole new level! Her energy level and enthusiam really get you going especially on a cold winters night. The classes also have a friendly feel where everyone is encouraging and welcoming. The classes aren’t always the same so it’s not ever boring and the time just flies by. I leave class bouncing with joy everytime, no matter how bad my day started out. I can’t wait to get back to her class this week.


Maxine’s classes are simply the best! I have been doing them religiously since she started in Hackney and absolutely love her enthusiasm, great tunes and motivation. So if you want a wicked workout come on down to one of herr classes!


Well what can I say ? Being a male ! (Yes male ) at first I was a little apprehensive but as time went on I found myself enjoying these lessons more and more with maxine .very relaxed, high impact , all round great workout come and give it a try dont be shy!!!!.


I was so fed up with my baby weight and belly fat, Maxine has given me hope that I’ll lose it, my confidence has grown too, it’s so much more than a workout, it’s an overall feeling of well being, thank you so much xx


I had heard how great Maxine’s lessons were so I wanted to try them out. I was a bit apprehensive before my first lesson as I have 2 left feet and no rhythm, but I need not have worried, she was extremely friendly and welcoming and the class was fun. 18 months later and I’m still a regular !!


Maxine is a brilliant zumba instructor/motivator. She is so welcoming. Her classes are more like a party than a work out, thats what I love about them. I have recommended her to friends and family. In fact I was so inspired by her that I became a zumba instructor myself.


Max’s classes are absolutely fantastic! I actually LOOK FORWARD (eep!) to each class and I always leave on a massive whoop whoop high. Great tunes, great moves, great atmosphere and all led by the inspirational Maxine!