My Story

maxine-jonesOk, here goes, my life hasn’t always been as happy skippy as it is now OH NO, I worked in investment banking for 23 years, sat at a desk in the chaotic money markets trying to make sense of what’s going on minute by minute in a stressful, male dominated, testosterone fuelled environment.  I met some great people with colourful characters and traits that I’ve adopted as my own, along with some bad habits and a cockney accent which by rights shouldn’t belong to me.  You see I was born on Hyde Park Corner, not because my mum got stuck in traffic, but because the Lanesborough Hotel which is there now, used to be St Georges hospital, where I was born in 1969.  For anyone who doesn’t know London very well, Hyde Park Corner is nowhere near the Bow Bells, which is where you need to be born within their sound in order to be called Cockney.

After 23 years in banking I left because of a bullying boss, going home in tears at the age of 40 was not in my life plan, I thought I’d left that behind at school.  But during this time, with a very sedentary job, I endeavoured to get to the gym as often as I could, I tried everything from aerobics to yoga and I’ve done my time dragging myself to classes, treadmills, swimming pools and running groups.  Does that ring a bell with you too??

I discovered Zumba in 2011 and over the years I’ve made it my own, it’s given me a wonderful platform to create an enjoyable way to keep fit, get in shape and stay in shape.  You’ll never have to drag yourself anywhere ever again, I’ve done all the leg work for you.

Now I’m not here to make you skinny, we should not be comparing ourselves to anyone else and aiming to be a size zero.  We are all different with different shapes, sizes, personalities, hairstyles and attitudes.  I am here to get you fit, happy and healthy, we are all capable of it, all you’ve got to do is commit.

Stay lovely

Max x