My Story

maxine-jonesGoing home in tears at the age of 40 was not in my life plan. I thought I’d left all that behind at school…

I’m a tough cookie. I’d spent most of my life working in the chaotic world of investment banking and survived 23 years in a high-pressure, testosterone-fuelled environment. Suddenly there I was being brought to tears every day by my bullying boss…….

I felt devastated. I barely recognise myself. So I made the difficult decision to quit.

Thankfully through all those years in my stressful, sedentary job, I’d been learning how to unwind with fitness. As you can probably tell, I have excess energy to burn! Anyway, I’d earned my fitness stripes dragging myself to classes, over treadmills and through swimming pools, always searching for a fun way to stay in shape that wasn’t, well, boring. In 2011 I discovered Zumba and something just clicked.

I worked out that when you’re lost in amazing music you will push yourself harder without even realising it. I knew that music was the key, and that what I had learnt could help others. Then one day, out of the blue, Lorraine Kelly walked into my class…

Two best-selling fitness DVDs later, as well as regular spots on Lorraine’s ITV show, I still couldn’t believe my luck. Lorraine kickstarted me on a mission to get the nation fit and there is no going back.

I started MaxiciseTV so that everyone could work out together from the comfort of their own home. As long as you have a laptop, Smart TV or a phone, you can join in my class in real time wherever you are in the world.

Whatever your shape, lifestyle or fitness level, all YOU have to do is commit and the results will follow.

Stay Lovely,

Max x